Welcome back to Offramp the Southern California Institute of Architecture’s online and downloadable review of contemporary architecture. Between 1987 and 2000, SCI-Arc published, in analogue format, seven issues of a journal under the title Offramp.

Via our new digital platform, a reborn Offramp is now able to reach a wider audience than ever before. Offramp’s revival signals the school’s continuing commitment to architectural discourse at a time when that very notion is being challenged by a variety of forces, at work both within and beyond the discipline.

Our new journal seeks to question the discipline’s established boundaries, encourage expansive definitions of terms, and foster the establishment of new discursive realms. 

The new Offramp is a hybrid. Living online with its own dedicated website, the journal will also be fully downloadable for those who prefer to read on their Kindle or to print themselves a paper copy. 

A regenerated, digital and downloadable Offramp constitutes a conscious attempt by SCI-Arc to rethink the architectural journal for a new era of connectivity and reciprocity. Our aim is for Offramp to become a valued forum for the school and the wider architectural community in Los Angeles and beyond—a place to debate the issues that matter.

Offramp, Summer 2014

offramp_8_about_01Image Credit: White Walkers, Figure Ground Game, Jeffrey Kipnis and Steven Turk, SCI-Arc Gallery, 2014. Drawing.


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